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There you are
There you are
I see your face
Shining star
You illuminate my space
I embrace you complete
Thank you
You found me
I knew it would be
I believe to my core
To say you complete me is not too bold
You do fill my void with you
I am no longer alone
Because, my friend I now have you
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Thrown Away
Thrown Away
Here I sit
Center stage of my life
I struggle to breathe
Nothingness surrounds me
I reconcile to persevere
To what end I do not know
For now I am alone
I am comforted by the flow of my own tears
Here they are again
Oh…this is not self-pity
This is the realization of abandonment
The finality of being cast aside
Thrown away like a candy wrapper
No longer needed once consumed
I'd rather be the candy
Then I would be "wanted" in the moment
Alas…I am merely me
In their eyes
I refuse to give in
I will find someone that will affirm me
Will desire my company
Fill up space in my void
I am so sure of it
I now cry tears of joy
I am worthy of love
And I will return it freely
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So...this is it
So… this is it
Cast aside
Given up
What did I do?
How did I misstep?
I do as is expected
Yet…you punish me
You strip away my security
You coldly justify your actions
I am helpless
I continue my pleas for your mercy
No empathy comes
Only stagnant excuses
Silence follows
Your summation is my disposal
I remain
I will exist
I will fill this vacuum with me
I am enough
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Mature content
Matrimonial Equality :iconpurpledeco:purpledeco 21 8
Lifted Veil
Lifted Veil
The mist of uncertainty evaporates
A ''confidence'' emerges
A lost friend
I have not seen you
You say "I am"
I say "I know''
I yearn to have you
My illusive companion
I am apprehensive
To find you and possibly lose you
I rest in the moment of you with me
You always were, are now, and will always be
:iconpurpledeco:purpledeco 10 5
You delight in my tears
Am I to you that used up Styrofoam container?
The one lunch was delivered in
Have you cast me out?
Something that is of no more ''use'' to you
The monstrosity you've become...I created
I spoiled you with my adoration, love, loyalty, and obedience
I do all you ask of me and require only two things of you
''Mutual respect and unconditional love''
I met you with no ''NEED'' for another humanoid
I am a success in my calling
I receive more than enough compensation... enough to save
My most precious heart's desire I have not ''Truly Known''
Perhaps I am ''deaf, dumb, and blind''
One full of self-deluded thought
I believe there is a higher purpose to all of this
Do I wait upon an ''absent'' landlord?
Now, like Jesus the Nazarene's disciple Thomas...
I need a sign
''Show Me … , Myself… , and I''
Your written ''word'' echoes my faded hope and bourgeoning cynicism
I believe ''Still''
I have not lost hope
I am beyond exhaustion
Who's ''Really'' running
:iconpurpledeco:purpledeco 9 2
The sound of a crackling branch
Asphalt shifts, splits and shakes violently
I feel myself falling directly downward
My feet still on the ground
The parking lot lifts
A seam opens to my right
As I fall it rises up
A wall of earth and exposed pipes
I swallow hard
"What?" … I yell
I spin around to discover
Smoke, fire, screaming, total chaos
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Looming Calamity
Looming Calamity
Whistling wind
Vacating sun
Charcoal clouds
Pelting rain
Ominous columns in the sky
Pillars twist and turn
Squirming inexplicably
This way then that
Gather up all
Steer away from here
Avoid disaster
Keep the cherished safe
Hurry before it's too late
The enemy is at the gate
Sound the alarm
No time to waste
Shelter is found
Far beneath the ground
Take count to be sure
All will endure
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After the Storm
After the Storm
A vacuum it seems
The raging is over
The unknown
Now what?
Move on in co-existence with the pain
I'm afraid … this is unfamiliar ground
There is an odd comfort to familiarity
The continuity of traumatic recollections
As I work through to the other side
IT is a persistent companion
Now … I brave the new
The unfamiliar walk of living
Going beyond mere existence
Exceed floating through my days
Be In the moment
Recall the past …
No longer cling to it
Ponder … not fixate on my future course
My traumatic past is a part of me …
The pain does not define me
I will learn to navigate
I am ready to be me
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Self-Fulfilling Prophesy
Self-Fulfilling Prophesy
Is it over now?
Did I do the right thing?
I know I have
My heart of hearts tells me so
I spoke my truth
Is it that dear?
''NOW'' I'll pay the cost
Am I prepared? ...
''YES'' … I am
I have lived marginally
I have endured derision
I am cast out
They do not deserve ''ME''
I thought it was my adjustment
I audited my maneuvers
I calculated my very existence
All I want is unconditional ''LOVE''
To reciprocate this love
Sadly … I was not loved by them
They ''NEVER'' saw me worthy of ''IT''
Was I mistaken?
Did I not understand?
''THEN'' … I did not
Life's experience reveals ''TRUTH''
I am enough
I am worthy of love
I am absolute love
I am my own completion
:iconpurpledeco:purpledeco 14 4
I see you
I miss you
You're not there
Your body is present only
Your soul was devastated
Your abusers stole it from you
My angel
You drown in your trauma
I kiss your broken wings
I caress your wounded head
I bind your twisted legs
I cleanse your bleeding eyes
Please HEAL
I may not restore your lost past
Your abusers took that away
I restore your today
I will adore your scars
I will make a new birdie of you
You will ascend  the heavens
You will bask in the light of my love
You will be… you were… You are NOW
Come to me my sweet child
I will not forsake you
I will live up to my promise to keep you safe
Safe from them, safe from the malevolent world, safe within your new found realm
:iconpurpledeco:purpledeco 23 7
''Just Breathe''
Just Breathe
I am in a panic
I don't know why
All is well
I am not
Here I go again
I should be used to this
I struggle with the chest pain
The sharp piercing stab inside my skull
I stumble to my Bed Chamber
I stare at myself in the hanging mirror
''You're having a panic attack''
''Nothing more…'' I repeat to myself
''Just Breathe''
I focus on drawing the air into my lungs
I listen to it enter as I retain it… 1…2…3…
I exhale with conviction and purpose
With each cleansing inhalation I begin to settle
I will survive this
They haven't killed me so far
I continue to rhythmically breathe
I sense I am safe to move away from my own image
I go to the kitchen and prepare a cup of my personal tea
A blend of dried chamomile flowers and crushed mint leaves
Sweet with fresh local honey I appreciate the aroma
I add a couple of ice-cubes to cool it…
I drain the cup in one gulp
I wait for the welcome soothing affect
One more panic attack down…who knows how many more
:iconpurpledeco:purpledeco 9 6
All will be O.K.
All will be O.K.
We have supper on the side porch in warm weather months
Here we go again… Mom screams at Dad
Dad takes it in stride
He tells her for the millionth time… “Not in front of the children”
My younger sister plays with her food
She pushes it from one side of her plate to the other with her fork
She barely eats…Despite the convincing performance
I’m 10 years old and fed up with this crap already
I shove myself from the table and run to my bed chamber
I hear, “You have not been excused young man!!”
I close both doors: one leads to the dining room…the other to the great Hall
The tears are flowing down my face: my nose seems to melt
I can’t do this anymore
“God?”…”Don’t you love us anymore?”…”Are you there? ...Are you even real?”
I’ve been praying to you every day for almost a year
Mother/Father Creator God, Jesus Christ the Nazarene, and the Holy Spirit
“If you are out there
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Human Rights :iconpurpledeco:purpledeco 5 0
Every Part
Every Part
Every part of me
Every part of me
Still lingers
Every part of me
Can't imagine life without you
Every part of me
Yearns to be free of pain
Every part of me
Will never forget
Every part of me
Every part of me
Will learn to live with your memory
Every part of me
Is enough for me
Every part of me
Is unique and special
Every part of me
Is worth loving
Every part of me
Is strong
Every part of me
Is well on its way
Every part of me
Is resistant to  your lack of want and need of me
Every part of me
Is now ready to say ''Good-Bye and Good Luck''
:iconpurpledeco:purpledeco 9 8
Mixed Blessings
Mixed Blessings
God Bless ME…
Thank Me
God Bless Me…
Thank You
God Bless You…
Thank Me
God Bless You…
Thank You
God Bless All of the ONE…
Thank ME
God Bless All of the ONE…
Thank You
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Artist | Literature
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I AM what I AM <^> IT is What IT is...

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Favourite style of art: surreal, abstract
Skin of choice: Constantine
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby Doo, Snoopy, Magilla Gorilla, Ricochet Rabbit, and Betty Boop
Personal Quote: IT is What IT is


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